He's got it wong...

Well, the march of Arizona's idiots through the political system continues.  I've become convinced that, before we're done, every bitter, ignorant, racist moron in this state will hold some sort of public office.

The latest in this very long line of clowns is one Barry Wong, who is running for a seat on the Corporation Commission.  In a recent interview with the Arizona Republic, he proposed shutting off electricity to any building in which authorities suspect illegal immigrants may reside.  I'll let that sink in for a moment.

An interviewer pointed out “the fact that it would be unconstitutional, illegal, and wildly impractical,”  But Wong insisted that as he had “been traveling around the state,” he saw support for the idea. After all, the commission on which he wishes to serve is the commission that sets power rates, so he would have the power to cut energy from homes in order to keep the rates low.

I was hoping that it was a bad joke.  No such luck.  Failing that, I assumed that he would regain some semblance of reason, and backpedal away from the statement.  Nope.  He's serious.

In any other state, with a voting population that isn't made up of bitter rednecks,  he wouldn't have a chance in Hell of being elected to anything.

But this is Arizona, and, as usual, we're screwed.

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