Weighing the toad

Rush Limbaugh's most recent vulgar tirade caused, in his words, "a national stir".  I think a better term would be shitstorm.  At last count, 33 companies have pulled advertising from his show.  He's still on the air, doing his best to portray himself as the victim in all this.  Just a regular joe, under attack from the liberal elitists for trying to get the "truth" out to the American people.  The thing is, that six months, or a year from now, that's exactly how a significant percentage of people will see it.

It is they, not Rush Limbaugh, who I blame the most.  Limbaugh is a just a sad, unremarkable, little toad of a man.  The world is full of 'em.  The fact that this cretin has such an unreasonably large amount of influence over conservative politics, is due to those who listen to his hatefulness, his disinformation, his vulgarity, and his racism, and then point to it as truth. 

He represents their  twisted, obscene vision of what America should be.  He is the symbol they point to, to legitimize their fear, their hate, and their ignorance.

Rush and his followers figure that all they have to do is wait until the next new cycle, and they can go back to business as usual.

I say that if we don't draw a line here, and now, then there really is no point past which we won't go as a people.

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