Sour Grapes?

There are those who think that we Democrats have been overly celebratory in our victory. They have misinterpreted our reaction. It isn't poor sportsmanship. It's relief. Immense relief. It's like being in a horrible car crash, then realizing afterward that you don't have a scratch on you.

We all dodged a bullet.

From Bain and the comical notion that he was a job creator, to offshore bank accounts, to refusal to release tax returns (obviously hiding something; logic dictates it), to his open contempt of not just the 47%, but to every working person in this country, and endless comments that were guaranteed to alienate different voters, Mitt was showing to many why he should never be allowed anywhere near the White House. Putting aside the "magic underwear", his questionable personal and business ethics, and his painfully obvious cluelessness about everything outside of his bubble, he simply was not qualified for the job.

The fact that the election was this close was due, in large part, to people like the Koch brothers, organizations like ALEC, and multinational (read foreign) corporations who, because of Citizens United, were convinced that this election was already bought and paid for. It's the reason for Karl Rove's meltdown on election night, and why Mitt Romney was described afterward as being "shell-shocked". They thought the fix was in.

It is they who are the takers. They who commit crimes on a scale.much larger than some welfare mom  (often vilified by these same people) would have either the will, or the resources to carry out. It should be obvious who does the most damage.

They would gladly turn our elections into a spectator sport. A football game where we still pay the price of admission, but have no say on how the game is played.

A man shared a Facebook post his daughter made that put it eloquently:

"Last thing I'll say about the election and then I'll move on to enjoying these next 4 years, the simple FACT that Obama has won TWICE proves that that times have changed. We are a new America and Republicans need to wake up to this new reality. Open your closed minds and do some simple research. ALL Obama supporters are not welfare recipients or sitting at home waiting to collect another check from the government. Not all Obama supporters are "takers," we are providers as well. We provide for our children, the elderly, veterans.... We work long and hard and pay taxes just like everyone. We watched money being taken from ALL of our checks to pay for a war that was pointless and ridiculously expensive. Please remember the FACTS and go back to the drawing board, because "The Right" is not tuned-in to this new ideology."

He is rightfully proud of her. But her youth shows in her hope that the Right will learn from their mistakes.  If history is any indication, they will double down as they've been doing, convincing themselves that they can change the nature of reality itself, if they can get enough people to believe the lie.

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