The Chonology of Crazy

Some may have wondered why I haven't posted in so long. I've certainly had more than enough material over the last couple of years. But rather than fighting against the crazy, I worried that I was contributing to it. Definitely not my intent.

When Trump became President, I lost it. My faith in my fellow Americans was shattered. A Republican was bad enough, but I could have handled that. But this? This vile, racist, misogynist, inept, mentally ill clown? A man so racist that he's trying to erase all evidence of Obama's Presidency.

To me, his election was an act of sabotage, perpetrated by a class of entitled white people who have absolutely no idea how bad things can get. I must admit that there's a part of me that hopes they find out. However if that happens, everyone loses.

Someday, fairly soon I think, the American people will 'disappoint' Donald Trump. It could be anything. The lack of deference by some aide, or the mockery of some late night comedian. This, along with Trump's low self esteem, lack of impulse control, lack of competence, and the pressures of the job will combine to snap him like a twig. If that happens, and if he isn't stopped then and there, people will die. The damage he will do will be far flung and indiscriminate. After all, his contempt for all Americans, even his base, is palatable.

I hope it doesn't get to that point. The damage he has already done will take generations to overcome, if it's even possible. We have a lot of work to do.


I took time off, and thought about scrapping this blog entirely. At the time, I felt that there were more than a sufficient number of old men, waxing philosophically about what’s wrong with the world. It felt somehow selfish, and less than constructive.

Before the internet, this would have been true. It would have been nothing more than a single voice, irritating friends and family.

Over the last year or so, I’ve engaged in many debates - Politics, religion, crime and punishment, and a number of other topics. Some were excercises in futility. Others were lively. Still others were incredible learning experiences. I’ve changed a few minds, and had my own changed.

I’ve even had meaningful exchanges with trolls, once the name-calling was dispensed with. It’s hard work, and requires a pretty thick skin. More often than not, it ends up being a complete waste of time.

But there are those rare occasions when the walls come down, and real communication takes place. I can’t speak for anyone, save myself, but in my opinion, it’s eminently worth it.

This technology has allowed us to exchange ideas in a way we had never been able to before. All the barriers that existed before – cultural, political, economic, social, and geographic – have essentially been rendered obsolete.

Sure, it’s dirty, and messy, and we’ll probably screw it up in ways we can’t yet imagine. But it’s my belief that the end result will be a positive one.

Clip This

"I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses. Who gives it to them? Does someone else give it to them? Do I know that I have—Who makes the game? Do I make the game, or do they make the game? Is there 30 owners, that created the league?"    -Donald Sterling
By now, everyone who hasn't been living under a rock has heard the tapes of Mr. Sterling's argument with his mistress. At least as much as they could stomach. The stunning ignorance and racism is bad enough. But the above quote, to me, is indicative of a contempt that goes beyond racism, and extends to, well, everyone else.

These aren't just the comments of some dim-witted old man, but an idea fully embraced by many we call the 1%. The belief that what standard of living we hold is not the result of our own labors and talents, but of their generosity only. And they're a little pissed off because we apparently haven't shown the appropriate amount of gratitude.

From Romney's infamous 47% remark, to the constant vilification of the poor on Fox News, it's an attitude becoming more and more prevalent.

They are the makers. They are the only ones who produce. The rest of us? We're just hanging on to their coattails. Or worse, we're lazy no-accounts who just want free stuff. Their stuff.

It's a mindset so twisted and obscene, that they actually try to use their own racism as a justification of that view.

The worst thing I could wish for them, is to have to actually live in the stagnant, sterile, mono-cultural "utopia" they envision for themselves. Or, perhaps not. It seems that many are quite content living within the bubble they've created within this world.

More's the pity.