I have been absent as of late.  No excuse except my own inherent laziness.  I hope this finds everyone who reads it well.  Sadly, 2010 has already witnessed its first disaster.

By now, everyone has heard about the earthquake in Haiti.  I'm sure everyone has also heard the responses from folks like Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh.
Their lack of compassion and common decency should be self evident to everyone.

I won't respond to it, mostly because Jon Stewart has already done so with his usual good humor and common sense.

Luckily, most Americans are decent and compassionate, as evidenced in the great outpouring of support and help from those who have little to begin with.  Those that don't feel this way all seem to be posting on Craigslist's R&R
section.  Let them.

This morning I watched an interview with former Presidents' Bush and Clinton on Face the Nation.  They have been appointed by President Obama to coordinate and expedite relief efforts.  Both men are a great example of putting aside political differences for the greater good, and America is fortunate that they, and those like them, are willing to serve when called.

And so, I urge everyone reading this to check the sidebar and give what you can to the Red Cross.  We live paycheck to paycheck, and have done so.  If we spend a couple of weeks eating more beenie weenies and top ramen than normal, we still have many, many blessings to count.