Actually, I should thank them...

Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving. I thoroughly enjoyed mine.  I ate, then slept, then woke up, then ate...  See a pattern here?  To the male of the species, Thanksgiving dinner is like sex.  We have little choice but to sleep afterwards.  
Spent the weekend putting up the tree and the lights.  Both pitiful, but ours.  
Had a nice first day back to work, charming little old ladies, and hot college chicks (for both of whom my fondness knows no bounds)
Then I get home and check my email.  Awaiting me was a little blurb with the words "Let's take back America before it's too late!" (those words are never a good sign, no matter who says them).  Attached was a link to a Youtube video (I will spare you that), replete with images of eagles, waving american flags...and teabaggers (why do I do this to myself?).  All of this was accompanied by a butchered version of "New York, New York" (for this alone, they should get whacked).

It was such an incredible piece of dreck, both in execution and intent, that my response was somewhat...testy.  I remember saying something about their inherent lack of credibility...the rest is a bit of a blur.  I was that pissed.

Liberalism and Conservatism.  The Ying and Yang that once made America great (or at least tolerable).  Look how they've gone and fucked up the balance.

And for that, they get from me a Chuck Heston sized "Damn you all to Hell!".